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System of governmentUnitary presidential republic
V-Dem Electoral Democracy Index0.75/1
Head of State (President)Wavel Ramkalawan (LDS, liberal)
Party in GovernmentLinyon Demokratik Seselwa (liberal)

National Parliament


Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS)
Seychellois Democratic Union

Leader: Wavel Ramkalawan
Orientation: Liberal
Ideology: Economic liberalism
Stance towards the government: In government
International affiliation: Africa Liberal Network

United Seychelles (US)

Leader: Patrick Herminie
Orientation: Centre-left
Ideology: Social democracy
Stance towards the government: Opposition
International affiliation: N/A

One Seychelles (OS)

Leader: Peter Sinon
Orientation: Left-wing
Ideology: Democratic socialism, left-wing nationalism
Stance towards the government: Extraparliamentary opposition
International affiliation: N/A